When temperatures in the fall dip below freezing and the dewpoint is low, that is the sign that winter is just around the corner for Woodbury's elite snowmaking crew.

The process begins in September when 20 or so top of the line SMI, Areco and Lenco snow machines are lined up for maintenance checks. Each machine is carefully looked over, oil changed, nozzles cleaned, filters replaced- all to get them in top working order for the upcoming season.

The next step is to preposition the machines on the hill. Once the machines are on the hill, each is powered up for a dry run to ensure proper operation. The last step is a water check. During this phase water is sent up the hill to test for any leaks that may exist.

Finally, we use temperature inversions to our advantage. A temperature inversion takes place which usually allows us to make snow very early in the season. Coupled with the finest in snowmaking equipment available- the snow builds up really, really fast pre-season at Woodbury.


Often Woodbury is the first ski area open in the country, or part of a group of a handful that operate pre- Thanksgiving.

Woodbury is operated by people who are dedicated to the ski industry and love what they do. Owner Rod Taylor has personally operated the mountain for over 30 years.

We take great pride in being the first open every season and hope that it gets skiing, tubing and snow boarding enthusiasts excited for the upcoming season!


For more information and please call 203.263.2203