Woodbury has incredible slopes, trails, pipes, rails, parks, and snow tubing runs.








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Lat. 41.629 Lon. -73.298
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Here are descriptions of some of our trails.

Name Description
Beginner Hill Easy way down for beginners and first timer's.
Cubby's Slope Cubby's is a great trail to practice your turns on.  
Arrowhead Starting from the top of the mountain, a slow cruiser for the beginner skier or rider.
Main Highway The main way down from the top. A fast run.
Jeff's Run In and out of the wood's a fun trail with lot's of turns and banks.  
Hardy's run A smaller crossover to Arrowhead, often built with jumps.  
T-bar Lift Line Classic New England Chute built on an old lift line.  
Upper Racing Hill Gentle wide open slope leading to the more challenging lower half.  
Lower Racing Hill Steep and quick perfect for racing.
The Chute A small chute for the intermediate rider, skier.  
Steiny's Drop Hold on tight, this trail is steep, and in the woods.  
Jaw's of Death Woodbury's newest.
Tapowingo Boob Tube run Woodbury's original tubing run. Lot's of turns, steep and quick.
Whoop de doo Tube Course # 1 1000ft of fun serviced by it's own lift.
Whoop de doo Tube Course # 2 Similar to #1 if you can't get enough of tubing try this course.
Alpine Snowboard Park Located on the lower half of the mountain, plenty of spines, jumps, tabletops, rails and more.
ABC Halfpipe Classic New England style pipe. One of the first in the country.